Like most best friends, we are busy running our homes, but we keep our sanity by leaning on one another to get through this whole Momming thing.   We’re not those “regular” moms, with the perfect houses that you see posted on Facebook or in the magazines.   We’re real moms who have accepted that sometimes Momming is Messy!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not dirty moms…in fact, cleaning consumes most of our time; but we also like creating memories with the kids and with that, usually comes some sort of mess.  Whether it’s a crafty mess, a fun mess or just a plain ol’ hot mess, we’ve done it all!!

[mes-ee mom-ing]


  1. The act of gracefully juggling all the duties of running a home, while embracing the many distractions that come along with it
  2. Characterized by laughing children, homemade decor and clean enough homes
  3. Not to be confused with Dirty Momming