Messy Momming

We live and learn. We get Messy. We get stuff done!



Homemade Play-Dough!

Homemade Play Dough, made from stuff you already have in the kitchen!!

Our First Craft Fair

Easy Peasy Puff Paint

No need to buy store bought stuff when you have this easy, 3 ingredient Puffy Paint recipe!

Color Week Shirts

This was a fun project to kick of Colors Week for our first Kindergarten activities!!

Messy Memories

A little messy fun on a family camping trip is just what we needed!

Painting the stars

Mommy/Daughter Canvas Painting right in our own home! Learn how we did it and get inspired!

Baby Danger….Elvis Danger!

You know you're a crafty mom when you wake up with this idea!

Life’s A Witch

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