by Erin

Not sure how many of you have noticed, but these Messy Moms have just not been on the ball with posting in well… a while!  We have lots of great ideas floating around our heads, pictures to post in our phones….but you know how it goes, LIFE HAPPENS!  🙂

Of course, we never stopped helping our friends with custom decals, shirts, decor and all that other fun stuff we love to create.  Be sure to visit us on our facebook page to see some of our awesome creations! 

Summer crept up on us and like most families, the chaos began!  Stay at home moms were invaded, working moms adjusted to summer camp schedules…and dads carried on like normal 🙂  We don’t know about you, but there are no lazy, hazy days of summer when our tiny bosses are involved!

20170716_170637 (2)
A rare moment – the Messy Boys staying still. Surely, they’re plotting!

One thing we’ve both learned over the past few months, is that raising our boys is a whole new ballgame than raising our girls. The girls were easily occupied, loved to play and were on pretty regular schedules.  Not our messy boys.  They climb, they destroy and they figure out ALL the childproofing!  They may not speak much, but they make up for it in their antics!

Needless to say, these messy moms have been busy chasing tiny tyrants and when that’s done, the life has been sucked straight on out of us!

Our Messy Summer Recap:

Towards the end of last school year, I had been offered a new kind of work that seemed promising, so we adjusted to new schedules, new day care for lil guy, no time with my kids, no time for big meals… I was a mess!!  Add in the guilt of the kids not having a normal summer off and I was feeling the mom guilt, big time.  A few weeks in, the job didn’t turn to be as profitable as promised, so I went back to just being MOM and was able to salvage the last few weeks of summer.  The best part was that I learned SO MUCH about how to properly and easily get a house cleaned!  Keep an eye out for our post with lots of tricks and time saving tips!

panther lake kids
When all else failed, letting the kids play at the lake was a great way to release the last bits of the day’s energy

Beth & her family spent most weekends at their camper up in the mountains.  Another fun challenge, with Baby Danger on the move!  Last year the babies were easily confined in play yards and pack and plays; this year, not so much (one of the biggest reasons I haven’t gone this year!).  Luckily, this home away from home has a park, pool and a fun community area with lots of family oriented activities.  And of course, mom always has a craft or two up her sleeve 😉 Splatter Paint is always a great distraction because, well, it’s messy! Break out a mess and these kids will play for hours!

For me, that little work thing really put a wrench in the first month or so of summer for me and my minis, but luckily we were able to salvage the last few weeks for some fun before the school/work routine begins again in the fall.  With my hubby being the only one working, we had a pretty limited budget, so I had to get creative with our day trips and activities.  Luckily, living in Monmouth County, we have plenty of free parks with farms, trails and playgrounds, where we were able to go on tons of adventures.

messy boy reaching for the crab apples
on this adventure, we learned that crab apples are safe to eat

The spray park at Dorbrook Recreation Area is always a favorite.  We find going on a weekday right as it opens is a good way to get nice spot to put your stuff and it’s the best way to avoid the crowds 😉 The adjacent playground is a ton of fun for kids (and adults) of all ages! It’s even handicapped accessible, which also came in great when my messy boy was in a stroller.

Another favorite is Holmdel Park, with tons of trails, playgrounds, fields and even an old time working farm!  So far, the most exciting adventure was getting lost in the woods on a 3 hour hike with my messy kids and their cousins.  We explored gardens, searched for turtles, hiked lots and lots of wooded hills and even ate some crab apples right off the tree!  That’s a big deal for this worry wart mom!

In the mornings, my daughter and I made it our thing to drive around and check out the murals being painted around town as part of it’s revitalization.  She absolutely loves watching all the details being added and notices even the smallest addition.  Given her love for painting and art, when we heard about the Kindness Project we knew we had to join in!

The Kindness Project was speaking our language, we knew we had to get in on the painted rock craze!

Basically, we painted rocks and placed them throughout the community in hopes of brightening some one else’s day.  I created a #keansburgrocks group on Facebook and everything! To kick off our painted rock adventures, we invited our third musketeer & her kids for a play date in the park!  Check out our Painted Rock post to see all about that epic adventure!!

Thankfully we’ve also been blessed with living on the shore…like, blocks away from a beautiful, FREE beach!!  One of my favorite summer things to do, is quiet time with my coffee, in my beach chair, as the waves touch my toes.  I’m a firm believer that the cure for everything is salt water…the beach, tears or sweat.  A beach visit recharges my soul in so many ways.  I am so very happy to be passing this tradition on to my daughter.  So far, the kid just says, “okay mom I’m gonna build a sandcastle” but someday she’ll get it 😉

jersey shore mom life
the cure for anything is salt water…

All this time having fun has inspired some fun projects for the upcoming months.  Here at Messy Momming, we believe the fall is like a new beginning for us.  My short term goals are to purge the clutter and reorganize to help my family function a little easier during the week.

We’re always looking for unique storage and organization ideas, so feel free to share here or on our Facebook page!!

Keep an eye on our page to see what we come up with!