by Erin

Somewhere during my summer reading, I stumbled across an article about the Kindness Project, which began the hidden rock craze….which began my lil hidden art craze! 😉

hidden rock love
one of our first rocks

This woman’s story hit so close to home for me…living on the shore, walking the beach is my go-to when I need to clear my head.  There’s something therapeutic about having sand between my toes, breathing in the salt air and listening to the waves.  It’s a place I’ve always gone to, and no matter where I’m at in life, it’s where I can go to reconnect with myself (if that makes any sense?).  A long time ago, I dated someone who would always point out the how cool the sky was or how awesome some flowers looked together; he said Mother Nature was an artist and we were lucky to get to see it.   With his recent passing, that was one of the memories that came to mind and I think this is a great way to pass that concept along.

Things happen for a reason and I find coincidences quite comforting.  If a rock, placed in the right place at the right time, can brighten another person’s day, I think my purpose was served.  If someone finds it and rehides it, then that rock will end up where it needs to be to brighten someone else’s day down the line.

We knew what we wanted to do,
now it was time to get Messy!!

So, I created a #keansburgrocks group on Facebook and we invited our third musketeer & her kids for a play date in the park!


This was pretty epic for us.  It was probably the first time the three of us and all six of our children, ventured out on an adventure.  We met at a local park and tried our best to catch up on adult stuff while we chased our little guys around.  Once we wrangled all 6 of them up, we explored some “hidden” trails my daughter and I discovered a few weeks back. We were on a rock hunt and it turned into a great time!


Once we had enough rocks, it was back to the picnic table to paint.

We used acrylic paints and paint markers to create our sweet designs.  Be sure to add a clear coat to keep it from fading or washing away.  I’ve found that clear nail polish works great 🙂

update: I went back a few weeks later and
we totally left our artistic mark on their tables haha

It was a great time for the kids to play, craft and make messy memories…also, the perfect cover for these 3 moms to hang out and catch up.

messy momming life
coffee, paint and playdates

Have you joined the hidden rock craze?
Do you keep the rocks you find or do you rehide them?