Today we decided to take a break from the electronics, tablets and tv’s and brought back some messy favorites.  

Using our Homemade Finger Paint Recipe we posted a few months ago, I whipped up a few different colors, letting my tiny teenager help me. 

Once the colors were mixed, we set up our painting area. I’m a big fan of Dollar Store tablecloths to cover our workspace but in the end, if a mess is made you can just let it dry and sweep or vacuum it up!! Easy peasy!! 

The best part of this craft is letting the kids do their own thing and encouraging them to get Messy.  Monster Boy let lose and ate it while my 6 year old teenager came up with some fun designs.

Monster Boy got bored quicker than I expected, but he was over due for his nap. Plus I think he gave up when he realized it wasnt as tasty as it looks😂 

After he laid down, the girls got even messier.  I added a medium pile of salt and a smedium (not small but less than medium) pile of cream of tarter and my baby girl mixed her first batch of Homemade Play Doh!  

Since I wasnt using proper measurements, I just eyeballed the ingredients until it got dough-y.  We did need to add more flour too, but in the end it was hours of fun!