When my daughter was younger, I found that the only way to get anything done was to keep her busy…if even for a few minutes.  Now that I have two littles…the need to keep them busy is even more necessary.  I mean who else is going to feed these people!

Often I need to keep the kids busy while I’m trying to get dinner together, or put away dishes etc, so that means I have to keep the littles busy in the kitchen.  I like to use the highchair to my advantage, because its plastic…and has straps!img_5097

This particular activity is nice because its good, CLEAN, fun 🙂

Using an empty water bottle and a sock will keep them busy…for a little bit at least. And hey….its soap and water…so it’s a great activity before or after a meal.

Carefully cut the bottom of an empty plastic water bottle, and fit a sock over the cut end.  Next dampen the sock and then squirt some dish soap on the end with the sockimg_5108.

Now blow into the mouth side of the water bottle…and watch the magic happen.  The longer you blow the longer the bubble trail.  My 5 year can blow the bubbles herself, but before that I would blow through the bottle creating a great big pile of bubbles.

I like to use a plastic cup filled about a 1/4 of the way to use as a bubble refill station.  This way the kids can keep the fun going, without needing me 🙂

Even the baby was able to participate in the fun. And for those who worry about ingesting soap…I tasted it myself, and the subs produce a subtle soapy taste, and as long as you keep on eye on the littles, very little soap should be eaten.  My 11 month old had a great time, and suffered no tummy troubles.