If you follow our blog you know we don’t mind a mess.  Especially if it’s easy to clean up. Shaving cream is a great ingredient for lots of messy activities, like our homemade puff paint, but it can it also be used by itself for some colorful fun.  It smells great, it’s fun to squish and play with and an extra bonus is that it’s easy to clean up!  Really!!  It just wipes right up, even if its been made a weird brown color from mixing all the colors, it will still just wipe up.

For this activity, I started by covering a serving tray with foil, which makes for easier clean up. Once that’s done, spray the shaving cream all over the bottom of the tray.

Then we dropped some food coloring over the top of the shaving cream,and swirled the colors around with a Popsicle stick (again, easy clean up, no utensils to wash!).  I like to use yellow, red and blue because they make pretty primary colors.  But feel free to use what you have available.


After swirling the colors around a bit, you can use a piece of paper to make some cool, colorful prints.  Smush the paper down into the shaving cream, then pull it back up, using a popsicle stick to scrap the extra shaving cream away.

We made a few cool prints before the shaving cream started taking on that funky brown color I mentioned before.

The shaving cream will begin to dull but you can keep the fun going by adding a few toys to the mess.  We use toys that can be easily rinsed in the sink or thrown through a cycle on the dishwasher.

Once the fun is done, clean up is easy. Just a quick sink rinse, and toss the shaving creamed covered foil.  Any shaving cream that has made it’s way onto the floor, or table cleans right up with a wet rag.