by Erin

This past weekend was pretty exciting for us here at Messy Momming!! Not only did we pick a winner for our most popular contest yet, but we also ventured out to a craft sale for the very first time.

For years, we talked about doing “something” with our craft selves, but never could zero in on something.  Also, our supplies were limited at one point, but over time we have amassed quite a collection of craftiness.  Our favorite being our Cricut paper cutting machines.   I was pretty apprehensive and overwhelmed by mine for a while, but Beth dove right in and was doing some really awesome projects using hers.  She is my Mr. Miyagi of the Cricut world.

We knew we wanted to get our names out there…I mean, check out the rest of the site and look how awesome we are! 🙂 We decided setting up at a craft fair would be a great idea but we had to figure out a product.   Coincidentally, because of my daughter’s allergies, I had also been reading up online about different types of candles, learning that a lot of the store bought ones contained harsh chemicals.  In light of her allergies, I’ve been doing what I can to reduce the toxins we bring into our home.  I’m not crazy strict about it, but I like to try to choose healthier options when it’s affordable and practical.  This led to me reading about homemade candles and the light bulb clicked! We could make candles!!  I’m pretty sure this turned into a random text to Beth at some ungodly hour.

Once we were able to sit down and discuss the idea, we began brainstorming and came up with the idea to make and sell natural, hand-poured candles in custom designed reusable glassware.  This also expanded in custom designed glassware, too!  The possibilities are really endless and we can’t wait to explore them all!!

We had a few trial runs, with various types of wax before finding a soy blend we love.  Our first batch was made with beeswax, that we purchased straight from a local beekeeper!  We even got a chance to check out the bee farm and the facilities they use to collect and make their honey!!  We learned some really interesting facts about honey bees and how they are bred.  Although beeswax is one of the best waxes to burn in a candle, we did find that it wasn’t as cost effective for what we had planned.  We moved on to using an all natural soy blend, that we found to burn much more evenly and casts a stronger smell.

From there, our newest pet project was born!! We set up shop in each of our homes and crafted our butts off to prepare.  Of course we had our typical Messy Momming Moments, including hot gluing my face while simultaneously burning a spatula in the microwave and as time grew closer, we had a Cricut fail (Note: be sure to read up on blades and housings before you take anything apart!) and had to wait for shipping, but we still we’re able to get everything ready with time to spare!

Here’s a sample of some of the candles and glassware we came up with:


To kick off our adventures, we held a Facebook contest to raffle off our inaugural scent, the Honey Sangria, in a custom designed wine-glass. It was the typical, share this post type of contest, but we received lots of participation this time around!  Our best contest yet!!

We’re super excited to announce our winner is….

Kathe Miller Cleary!

We’ll be tagging her in a Facebook post to claim her prize!


The first craft sale we set up at was held in our hometown and was being held by the Keansburg Historical Society in conjunction with their 2nd Annual Open House & Car Show!  It was like a big block party and we got to see a lot of familiar faces, which definitely helped ease the anxiety of our first show!  We got to meet other local vendors, who had some really unique products and were sweet enough to give some great advice for future shows.

If you follow us on Facebook, we clearly love contests.  So much, that we also raffled off this basket of custom champagne flutes, made by Beth, for anyone who signed up with their email address or phone number.  This was a huge hit!  The best part is that one of my favorite people won the basket:  Carly of Carly Vena Photography!


Be sure to check out our post on the best tips and tricks for candle burning and container reuse.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out where we’ll be next, with all our crafty goods.  If you see something you like and can’t make it to a show, we are working on a method to accept custom orders. For now, you can email us Contact us here.