This Puff paint has been a personal favorite for years.  I work at our local park system as a craft teacher for preschoolers and I have found this puff paint to be super versatile.  It’s great because its made with glue, so anything like glitter, tissue paper, paper cutouts etc., will stick to it.  Also, since you are using food coloring you decide what color it will be, making it perfect to paint green tree tops and sticking paper leaves to in the fall.img_3550

To make you need:

  • foam shaving cream
  • white school glue
  • food coloring
  • mixing bowl or zip lock bags  – I either mix a big batch of one color in a mixing bowl or split it into zip lock slider bags for different colors.

You’ll need a about 4-1 ratio of glue to shaving cream.  It would be about 1 cup shaving cream and a 1/4 cup glue or 2 cups shaving cream and a 1/2 cup glue…you get it.  It’s really hard to measure shaving cream because it expands so much. So just guesstimate the best you can. I’ve always had success with this puff paint by doing just that.

I start with adding glue to the bottom of what I’m mixing in and then add the shaving cream and food coloring.  If your are using a zip lock you squish everything together.  If you are mixing in a bowl, using a tongue depressor to mix it makes for easier cleanup.

Snip the Tip of a Slider Bag and Use it like a Baker would use a Piping Bag

Snip the tip of the zip lock and use it like a a baker would use a piping bag.  If you are using it out of a bowl; tongue depressors and paint brushes work just as well. You could use empty condiment containers, but be sure to completely wash and dry them before use.

Let your little one squeeze and squish this paint, then they can add details such as paper cutouts and glitter.

The best part is the shaving cream stays puffy even after it dries!!