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by Beth

September was Back to School month for most kids.  This year, Back to School was a huge deal in our home – my daughter started Kindergarten and it’s her very first time being in any sort of school setting (besides the crafts classes I had taught)!!

One of the first activities she came home with was a lesson in learning colors.  The teacher requested each child wear a certain color each day of the week.  This was a perfect opportunity to craft and I knew my trusty Cricut would be a great tool to makes some really cute shirts!

I began with solid color, plain cotton tees that I picked up from Michael’s for $2.00 a piece. I also grabbed some iron on vinyl, which is expensive, so if I had more time I would have ordered some off line, but I was in a time crunch, so the expensive stuff it was.

They did not have a solid brown shirt at Michael’s, so I improvised and used a white shirt with the word “brown” hand painted in brown glitter.

First I began with choosing my font. Since I had previously taught a Kindergarten class I knew it was important to choose a font that used the letters as they were being taught in school, and not as they’d appear in a fancy font.

Once I choose my font, I wrote each color word out on my Cricut design space.  It’s important to note that when you cut out something you intend to iron, you MUST cut out its mirror image, otherwise it will iron on backwards.

After the letters were cut out, I used my weeding tool and removed all the scrap vinyl from around the words.

Following the directions found on the back of the iron-on vinyl, I ironed each word to the coordinated color.

For the brown shirt, I cut a stencil using my  Cricut, and painted it in brown.  I painted 3 coats.  Remember, paint from the edge towards the center and use a lightly loaded brush.

Once the paint had dried I used stretchable fabric glue to paint over the letters, then sprinkled on brown glitter.  Let dry over night before peeling away stencil.

And just like that, 8 customized shirts; one for each day of color week.