by Beth

I love to paint. It’s a good stress relief and its a great activity for my 5 year old and I to do together.  Recently we were looking through Pinterest and we came across the Starry Night picture by Vincent Van Gough.  She really loved the picture and asked if we could paint it.   Great idea: Mother/Daughter paintings!

I increased the size of the painting we were trying to copy.  We painted our paintings just by looking at the  details.

We began by painting the sky, then worked our way down to the dark town in the foreground.  After that all dried, we added our own swirls and stars, just like in the original.  It was fun to examine the painting together, discussing the details and  figuring out which details to add next.


I loved seeing how she interpreted and explained some of the things she saw.  Of course, I couldn’t help myself here and there to help with her paint lines.  I mostly kept to myself and let her work speak for itself.

Neither painting is a perfect replica but they have character and they did end up looking like pretty cool versions of the original!


We’ve since made several other Mother/Daughter pictures and they hang side by side at home.  I’d like to have an entire gallery by the time she graduates college.  I hope we are still painting by then!