by Beth

Soon after Baby Danger was born, my crafty wheels were spinning full force to make up for lost time.  I literally woke up and thought it would be funny to make my newborn an Elvis Presley costume, similar to the one Uncle Jesse purchased in the new Fuller House series.  I was no sooner out of bed when I started gathering supplies. I was able to reuse clothes we already had and I already had on hand all the supplies I would need:

  • a white button down collared shirt
  • red bottoms to a pair of pajamas my daughter no longer fit in
  • a white onesie
  • red felt
  • sewing machine
  • fabric markers to complete my masterpiece

The collared shirt didn’t require much altering at all; I sprayed the collar with spray starch, and then ironed it so that it would stay standing.  Next, I used my fabric markers to draw free hand a Elvis inspired “bejeweled” look.  I didn’t use actual beads or jewels because, well, just cause he’s Baby Danger doesn’t make him invincible!

Reworking the pajama bottoms took a little creativity.  First I trimmed the pant legs so they would fit my tiny man.  Next, I used a seam separator and split the sides of the bottoms.

Then I used a white onesie to cut panels needed to create Elvis’ flared pants.  Using my sewing machine I sewed the panels into I earlier split the seam.  I used my sewing machine to attach. Afterward I sewed a hem across each pant leg.

Once they were attached I used fabric markers to add some flare.

Finally I used a piece of red felt to create Elvis’ famous neck scarf.  I used a quick stitch to attach the felt strip to the center of the stiffened collar.  I added some final embellishments using fabric markers and….Voila!

He ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog!