by Erin

Like most little girls, my daughter LOVES Fairies. We love taking nature walks and collecting objects for our fairy garden (a planter in our back yard).

A few weeks ago, I came across a fairy lantern tutorial that made all the pins I’ve seen look easy! The supplies were pretty easy to gather; what I didn’t have I was able to get at the Dollar Tree, all for under $5!

I already had these supplies laying around:

  • a clean empty jar
    (I used an empty coconut oil jar from Aldi’s – almost resembles a mason jar )
  • wire hanger {always with my best Joan Crawford impression}
  • super fine silver glitter
  • black spray paint
  • paint brushes and sponges
  • fairy kids and star shaped cut-outs from my Cricut paper cutter
    (printing and cutting a silhouette from a google search will work too!)

Dollar Tree Supplies

  • Glow in the Dark Paint (’tis the Halloween season at the Dollar Tree!)
    or another type of opaque paint
  • Floral Moss
  • battery operated tea lights (sold in 2 packs!)

I started out trying to use a sponge to apply the glow-in-the-dark paint to the inside of the jar, but quickly realized my hands won’t fit the opening.

I tried a Popsicle stick, no good. Ultimately, a paint brush was my best bet because of the long handle.

I made sure to put it on thick, for a good glow effect, but it doesn’t quite glow in the dark like I thought. The paint worked well as a glue to hold the glitter on though! Next, I poured in the glitter, doing my best evenly cover the jar.

While this was drying, I interrupted pre-season football to recruit Hubby for help with the next step. He must really love me 🙂 I had him cut a wire hanger just long enough so we had a piece to bend into the lantern holder. Meanwhile, I popped two holes into the jar top. You might want to note where you want the holes and the front of the lantern to line up, this was a total afterthought for me!

I expected something elaborate, but it was these wee lil pliers that my Hubby used to cut the wire hanger!

The folded wire hanger fit in nicely and hubby folded the two prongs back, under the lid, to secure it in place. Now it’s time to spray paint. This is my favorite part and even though I’m not so good at it and my husband is an actual professional painter, I still insist on doing this part myself.


Late night spray paint job!

I’ve been told to spray far away, slowly and evenly – that way take a few coats and I don’t have time for that. I spray the heck out of the thing until it looks solid. It was 9:00 at night and dark, so it looked good enough to me! I left it outside to dry.

Back inside I tried using a spray adhesive to attach the cut-outs to the inside of the jar and it just didn’t work out.

Spray Adhesive was too wet for the cut-outs to adhere to the glitter. 

I tried using the left over glow in the dark paint as a glue and that worked great!  See? It’s all about trial and error for everything! Crafting, Momming, Adulting….but anyway, once the cut-outs are on, let them dry.  I gunked on a little more paint just o make sure they were secure.

Using the same glow-in-the-dark paint I used to hold the glitter on, I was able to “glue” the cut-outs to the glitter, adding an extra layer over the back for extra sticking power!

Next, I added the floral moss aka fairy grass, using a Popsicle stick to arrange it and added the tea light.  I’m a stickler for everything being complete, so I waited to turn on the fake candle until I was ready for the lid.


Once the top was dry, I added the tea light, screwed on the lid and was like a little kid about how cute it looked! I thought about keeping this one for myself, but I’ll let my daughter keep it in her room for now.  We’ll see how the next one turns out 🙂

Our completed low-budget, DIY Fairy Lantern!

This was such an easy project and there’s even left over supplies to make another one!