by Beth

As we all know, this is the time of year, late in the summer, when the kids are starting to get a little antsy.  Our girls’ window of time before the whining started seemed to get smaller and smaller; they needed something different.  I had just picked up a value pack of 8 x 10″ white canvases, I thought it would be fun to set up “art class” in the kitchen.

We started out by choosing a painting to reproduce; and since I painted a fun picture while camping, we used that as the model.  I follow a lot of those “paint and sip” places on Facebook, and used some of their projects as inspiration for my mermaid on a moon.

I began by having the girls lightly wet their canvas with a damp paint brush.  This helps the paint glide across the canvas, and allows for easier blending.

Messy Momming Tip:   Lightly brushing the canvas with water helps the paint glide and allows for easier blending

I only gave out just the paint colors needed for each step.  We started with the sky and the water as the background using different blends of blue, white, red, and a touch of yellow.

The girls began painting the sea using the blue and a little white to form their big waves.


We went on to paint the sky using pretty much all the colors we had out at the moment. This was a great lesson in blending for the girls! They did a pretty great job not mixing the colors, but dipping in each one separately.  I admit, I may have grabbed the brush here and there to make sure brush stokes were smoothed.

After we let the background dry, I drew the outline shape of the moon for each girl to fill in with white paint.

Once painted white, we added some dimension to the moon by blending in some brown, green and yellow paint. Again, I helped a little to smooth out brushstrokes.

The moon was left to dry while the girls added shooting stars and wishing stars.  This was also the time we added some more detail to show waves in the sea.
Once the moon had a chance to dry, I helped each girl form the outline of their mermaid.  We began with the arms and torso, then worked down and created the tail.  Afterwards the girls choose the hair color, and painted in the head and hair.img_5911

Two hours of a fun, structured project was great for the kids and us moms, too!  As an added bonus, we now have these beautiful works of art from our little Picasso’s!