by Beth

Today was another first for Baby Danger! Painting!  I’ve used his hands and feet in the past as stamps…but he has never had a chance to paint. Earlier this afternoon I had a spur of the moment paint class with mine and Erin’s daughters and still had the paint and canvases out.  It seemed like a good time to see how Baby Danger felt about paint.

Strapped into the high chair wearing nothing but a diaper and a smile, he was ready to go! Using non-toxic tempera paint, I squeezed some blue and pink onto a canvas and let Baby Danger smear away. His big sister got in there and showed him a trick or two, but he proved he’s a natural.

Thank goodness the paint was non-toxic because Baby Danger couldn’t resist a taste or two.

After the first canvas was covered, my super 5 year old made sure the sides were covered. we painted two more, green and yellow, and blue.

I let the kids swirl and play with the paint until they were a colorful mess.

Clean up was pretty easy, tempera paint doesn’t stain (usually) and is easily cleaned up with baby wipes or damp paper towels.

Once the painting had dried I had an idea that i could finish them with super hero silhouettes and put them in Baby Danger’s nursery. His first painting project was an awesome success.