Just like other moms, messy or not, I post my crafty projects on Facebook.  Mostly it’s because I’m proud to display my kids’ work but sometimes I just have to show off some of my own work.  Even though I put a lot of planning into my projects, once they begin they take a life of their own and I end up surprising even myself with how good some things turn out.  My friends are starting to notice how crafty I can be and I’ve received a lot of awesome feedback on how I’ve designed my kids’ room.

Right after Baby Danger was born, I had posted the Super Hero Skyline and my friends were raving over the fact that I did this myself.  It was a pretty easy design, so now I needed a challenge!

Some of our best friends had just bought their forever home closer to me and I saw an opportunity.  I offered my services, to design and paint one of the walls their boys’ bedroom.  They chose a dinosaur theme and off I went, sketching and drawing.

I showed my friends what I came up with and they gave their blessing to paint.  I’ve never done anything like this for anyone, so I was pretty nervous.  If I screw up a paint job at my own home, its no big deal.  This was someone else’s house and even though I know they wouldn’t judge, I wanted it to be perfect.

I went to Home Depot’s paint counter….they cringe when they see me… and grabbed my paint samples.  I used the samples for most of the colors, except the sky blue I had to buy a quart of it.

This project posed to be a little challenging because some of the dinosaurs required stencils larger then what my Cricut would cut.  I Google-searched dinosaur images and found just what I needed.  Using the poster print option to print out the images, I was able to get them as large as I needed them.  You can tape the sheets together before cutting out the stencils.  For the smaller dinosaur images, clouds and the volcano, I was able to cut them out using the Cricut.  I free-hand painted the Brontosaurus and the palm tree .

The room had just been painted green, so I used that to my advantage and let it be the color of the grass and mountains.  I painted the sky first and then the darker green to add some depth to the terrain.  You can see I used blue painters tape to help with the lines.
20160404_124800 (1).jpg

Next I placed the dinosaur stencils. Be wary of the placement and sizes when trying to show depth in a scene.  I wanted my Dinosaurs to scattered all throughout the grassy and mountains.  Honestly, my work is often by gut. I paint. If I like it, I leave it.  If I don’t, I paint over it.

The next step was to do the smaller stencils for the rest of the dinosaurs, clouds and volcano.  I free-handed the smaller details, the palm tree and the brontosaurus you see peeking around the door.

This project took me 2 days.  The first day I spent 8 hours painting and waiting for the paint to dry.  The second day was just me finishing up the detail work and fixing any paint bleeds.


I was very happy with how it came out, and my challenge was complete!  My friends loved it and their boys’ were ecstatic!  This wall has made the boys’ room one of their favorites to show off when giving the new house tour!