by Beth

In September 2014 we took our first family vacation to Disney.  It was a great trip; I had my little crew (minus Baby Danger), my in-laws and close friends along for the trip.  We stayed at the Hidden Mickey, a single-family home decorated like a kids’ fantasy.  My stepson’s room was Astronaut themed and my daughter’s room was a little girl’s dream come true…a princess room, with a carriage bed and princess castle!  That is where my obsession…I mean, my daughter’s obsession with having a castle bed all began!

I started the process, as I do many of my projects, with drawing of what is in my head. Afterwards I brought it to my dad to see if he thought it was doable.  Luckily for me, he’s pretty handy and agreed this was something he could help build.

Our top secret surprise began with my dad and my husband spending an entire afternoon constructing my castle, uh…I mean, my daughter’s castle at my parents house.  They purchased about $300 in material between the 3/4 plywood, screws and brackets.

I wasn’t there for any of the castle construction, I was home with the soon to be princess; so I have no pictures of the construction process.

The construction began with building a square space 6’x 5′ x 7.5′, separated into 2 floors and connected by a ladder.  The windows and doors were cut using a circular saw for the straight cuts and jigsaw for the detail and curves.  The details around the windows and tops of the castle towers were made by layering leftover plywood.
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Next came my favorite part…painting!!  My husband painted the entire castle a primer white, then a coat of flat white paint.  I used my trusty Cricut, like I do during so many products, to make stencils.  For the brick shape stencil, I cut a rectangle out of piece of construction paper that I had laminated.  The reason is because I knew I would need to use it often, and the laminate would keep the stencil from getting paint logged.  You could always do the same thing with contact paper and scissors.

Messy Momming DIY Customized Princess Castle Bed

We designed the castle during the peak of the Frozen craze and my daughter wanted nothing more than the Elsa and Anna’s Castle.  I designed the decor with Arendale as my inspiration and I used the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” as the theme of the paintings I did on the inside of the castle.

The castle bed was designed to fit in front of the closet as a way to use up some dead space (the closet floor) and allowed for more space in the room.  The top half of the closet still functions as a closet, where we can hang clothes, etc.  This design also gave us flexibility; if we ever wanted to move it to another place, it could still stand on its own.

The bed fits perfectly into the lower level, using some of the closet space to tuck it away. To the right of the bed, you can see the edge of the ladder that accesses the upper level play area of the Princess Castle.  It even has an escape slide for quick exits!


The Princess Bed was a Christmas Surprise and my daughter absolutely loved it!! I’ve enjoyed touching up and adding to it over time too!  In the few years we’ve had it, there’s been countless memories made and many more to come!

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