by Beth

One of our favorite things to do as a family, is spend time at our RV.  This summer my husband had arranged to work for the northern branch of his company, not far from where it is located. That meant we needed to live in the RV for 6 weeks!

With most of my crafting supplies hours away at our home, hubby saw that I needed something to keep my creative juices flowing… so he surprised me with an electric smoker.  It’s a Masterbuilt Smoker from Lowe’s and it was love at first sight!!

For my first feast, I created a Swineapple, with sweet potato casserole and carrot cake muffins.  It began as a Google search and I came across a fantastic tutorial by SmokedMeatwithJef on YouTube.  After watching it, I had my inspiration!
At the market I picked up a piece of boneless pork loin (I bought the cheapest one I could find), a pineapple, thick cut bacon and meat skewers.
First, slice the top of the pineapple off reserving the top for later.
The pork needed to be cut so it fit the length of the pineapple. Next I cut the pork into strips that I could fit in the hollowed out pineapple.  I then used Weber’s Honey Garlic Rub to season the pork, and set aside.
The most difficult job in the Swineapple process was peeling and gutting the pineapple, without breaking the sides. Luckily, I found the perfect Pineapple gutting tools for my assistant and I; an ice cream scoop and a sharp pairing knife.  We saved the pineapple chunks for snacking and juice for basting.
To get the outer skin off I used a sharp chef knife and carefully pealed down the sides.  You will not be able to get all the little barnacle-looking things off the pineapple.  Not without cutting the sides too thin.  They won’t soften either.  Just do the best you can…it’s going to get covered by bacon, after all!
Assembling this thing is easy. First place the pork inside the hollowed out pineapple and using meat skewers attach the reserved pineapple top to the meat filled bottom, as shown above.
To put together the bacon weave I began by laying out 7/8 slices of bacon on a piece of wax paper. Next I began to basket weave the remaining bacon until it looked like this.
Using the wax paper to help, carefully lay the bacon blanket on top of the pineapple. No need to attach the bacon, it will stick to itself.
 I recommend you bring the smoker rack to your food prep area instead of carry it to the smoker.  Less chance of dropping it.
IMG_1576 (2)
Place the Swineapple on its side on the top grate of of the smoker. I pushed a meat probe into the center of the Swineapple so I could monitor the temperature. It needed to smoke at 225 degrees for about 6-8 hours or until the meat probe reaches 160.  For smoke, I used Cowboy Brand Apple Wood Chips, also from Lowe’s.
Seeing all the left over space in the smoker helped me decide to make the sweet potatoes and carrot cake muffins.
I chopped up 4 sweet potatoes and added a 1/3 of a stick of butter, 3 generous tablespoons of brown sugar, salt/pepper to taste and a few marshmallows and added to a casserole dish.  I cooked the sweet potatoes almost as long as the Swineapple and it didn’t dry out or burn.  The carrot cake was from a box (hey, don’t judge…I’m “camping”).
The carrot cake muffins “smoked” at 225 for 1.5 hours will give you cooked muffins. They didn’t rise and had a very moist, almost bread pudding like consistency.  I had made a homemade cream cheese icing that would have made a shoe tasty, so   It wasn’t bad…just..different.
After an entire day of waiting for this baby to cook…it’s finally time to eat!!

This meal was worth waiting every minute!!  We can’t wait to try our next smoked concoction!