by Beth

Baby Danger’s Super Hero Room was looking pretty much done, but I was still feeling a crafting itch that needed scratching.  After so many months of not being able to do much, I was making up for lost time! Customizing this ceiling fan was a fun project and the perfect complement to his nursery.  

I started by picking up a $27 white ceiling fan from Home Depot.  While there, I made sure to grab several paint samples too.  I’m pretty sure they hate me by now at the paint counter; I am that crazy lady that asks for 6… 8… or maybe even 10 samples at a time! But never on a weekend, I’m not a monster!

My secret weapon for most of my painting projects is my Cricut Explore One.  I love that thing almost as much as some of my family.  It’s opened up so many craft projects for me. I used the Cricut to cut out several stencils for me to use on the ceiling fan.  I also used it  to cut out a few details from vinyl. 

If you don’t have access to a paper cutting machine similar to the Cricut, you could print out the same silhouettes from a google image search and cut out the middle.  I’ve used coloring book pages and blown them up on my scanner.  I’ve done both.  It works but it’s time consuming.  Once your stencils are ready to go, it’s time to paint!

I used the kitchen stove as my work space because it was January and going outside was not going to work for me.  The exhaust fan made sure any yucky paint fumes were sucked out! 


First, I started with the applying a base color to each fan blade, which will take a few coats to make it solid. I designed a blade for Hulk, Super Man, Batman and Spiderman, all of which required basic  primary colors.

Once all the coats were dry, it was time to place the stencils.  I lightly sprayed the stencils with spray adhesive so they stayed in place.

I then painted the blades using a lightly loaded brush.  Start from the edge of the tape and work your way in so that way you won’t cause paint to bleed under.  Which will happen anyway, but his helps.  You will need to apply a few coats to achieve full coverage.


The Spiderman blade has to be my favorite.  It required some special details. After painting the entire blade red, I used the Cricut to cut eyes and a spider out of vinyl. If you don’t have a Cricut you can trace both images onto vinyl and cut them out with a pair of scissors.  I free handed the webbing using a paintbrush-tipped black Sharpie marker.

There will always be touch up work when painting… especially for me. I use a small paint brush and paint out any spots where paint bled through.

Once the blades were finished and put together my hubby J suggested that boring dome in the middle needed a little something, so I went with Captain America’s shield. It was just what it needed.  Perfection.

And voila!! A ceiling fan fit for a Super Hero!

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