Hiya, I’m Beth…and I’m a messy mom.  Yup, I said it. Messy. Some days I’m Martha Stewart and other days I’m Peggy Bundy.  I’m too busy momming to worry about it, though.  As I write this, my 7-month old son is eating my arm to get to the computer and has strong-armed any attempt at taking a nap for the last 45 minutes.

I’ve been messy momming for a while now after becoming a full time step-mom at the ripe ol’ age of 24.  Man, did that come with a learning curve!  I married that boy’s dad 4 years later.  He’s an amazing, hardworking family man.  And most importantly, that man is patient.  He loves me even when I’m pretty unlovable.

During our time together, I finished and graduated college with a degree in Teaching and Mathematical Science and eagerly became a working mom.  I was happily moving up the educational ladder when we found out we were expecting our daughter and then WHAM…laid off due to budget cuts.  I started working during an election year and by the time I established myself our new governor had set out to make teachers and educators villains….and wow…I really went off topic.  Clearly, it’s still a sore subject.

So there I was laid off, and pregnant.  So what do I do? I got a real estate license.  Random, yes, but it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I did well at that for a few years, but the grind became too difficult with having a young baby and a tween at home. After taking a step back, I wanted to get back in the classroom but still have the ability to be a hands on, Messy Mom.  I now work as a substitute teacher for the same district I started out in and the best part is, I can make my own schedule!

I also teach arts and crafts classes for our County Parks Department, which is pretty much my dream job.  I come up with projects and they design classes around it.  Teaching these classes has allowed me to explore and embrace my inner Mess!

There I was living the dream, work schedule is ideal, my daughter is getting older (and out of diapers!) and the tween is now a teen in high school.  Smooth sailing!  I decided now is a good time to get healthy…you know…loose a couple pounds, take vitamins, exercise.  And I did.  Lost 35 pounds.  I was looking good. Working. Momming.

It was around then that Erin and I decided to put this blog together, the first time.  In fact, the night we sat down to start brainstorming, she told me she was pregnant and not feeling so good but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, we had a plan!  And I figured I’d start  and she’ll be feeling better soon enough to catch up…

Then I started getting sick.  Throwing up?!  It had to be a stomach bug.  Tired?  Maybe I just needed some extra vitamins.  Couldn’t stand the smell of dog food?? It HAD to be a stomach virus!!  Nope.  I was pregnant.  (FYI: antibiotics keeps birth control from doing its job!)  Approximately 9 months later, Baby Danger blasted his way into the world at a whopping 9 pound 11 ounces! This one almost broke my vagina. Luckily, he turned out pretty damn cute and is the perfect complement to our family.  Life is good.  And the baby is finally napping…